Thursday, January 26, 2012

Kingdom, Self Centeredness & Missional Living

Luke 17:33 Whoever seeks to preserve his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life will keep it.  (ESV)

Jesus answers the Pharisees question about the coming of the kingdom (they are thinking eschatologically) that it is already present in the person of Jesus and reign of God (ESV Study Bible, p. 1993 on v. 21). Then he goes on to describe the not yet of the consummation of the kingdom (v. 25f.) as a time of judgment (v. 29) and separation of the redeemed from the unregenerate (v. 34-35). Escape from the coming judgment is found in living a life that is (not self-centered) but outward focused/other-centered. Thus the missional nature of kingdom living.

I think maybe I'm beginning to get it. Self-centeredness and rebellion against God go hand in hand (ESV Study Bible, p. 1911 on Mark 8:35). And losing my self-centeredness means eternal communion with God (ibid.), both then and now.

God help me to find it. To finally get it. Holy Spirit come. Presence of Jesus come. Your kingdom come in the midst of me. Lord God, prepare my heart for missional other-centered, outward focused living - "Change My Heart O' God." Let my sufficeincy be found in You (Col. 1:15-23).

In Jesus' name - Amen,

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