Friday, January 11, 2013


Matthew 10:7  And proclaim as you go, saying, 'The kingdom of heaven is at hand.'  (ESV)

The mission of the twelve is virtually identical with the mission of Jesus. He is training them to do as He does. He is preparing them to continue the mission after His departure. They proclaim the same message, do the same miracles (v. 8), endure similar persecution (v. 18-23), receive the same reception (v. 40).

We are His ambassadors (v. 14-15). Our mission is to continue to do the same works as Jesus (both spiritual and physical). Our reception will be very similar: some will welcome our message others will hate it. Our speech should be Spirit-led (v. 20). We needn't worry much about those who are uninterested (v. 23). Just go, proclaim, do. The mission is urgent. Our goal is to be like Jesus (v. 25). That's why we're called followers!

I am Your mouthpiece. I am unqualified. A simple working-man. But I am sent. Teach me, Lord Jesus, to fear not (v. 31). Teach me to depend on the Spirit. Teach me to accept the same pay as You (v. 8). Teach me to find fulfillment in self denial (v. 39). Teach me to proclaim. Teach me about authority (v. 1). I am Yours: body & soul, mind & strength, spirit. I worship you Jesus as King and present myself as a living sacrifice.

In Your name - Amen,

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