Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Matthew 14:23  And after he had dismissed the crowds, he went up on the mountain by himself to pray.  When evening came, he was there alone,  (ESV)

Solitude.  Time away, with the Father.  This was critical in the life and ministry of Jesus.  He does it twice here in a very short span (see also v.13).  And after each time of withdrawal a great miracle/time of ministry followed (the feeding of the 5000, v. 15f and Peter & Jesus walking on the water, v. 25f).  The second is not only a miracle providing "strong evidence for the divine identity of Jesus" (Literary Study Bible, p. 1480), but a time of ministry and teaching to Peter on faith.

Brad, you are certainly no better than Jesus.  An annual get away to reflect, pray, goal-setting, pray, read, pray (that's what Jesus did in His solitude).  This daily time is invaluable in your ability to minister to others.  You can't give what you don't have!

Oh God, fill me up.  I have no skills to lead a small group in my home tonight except the Holy Spirit.  Lord Jesus, give me wisdom I ask.  God my Father, strengthen me, for I know not what to do.  I am not an eloquent speaker.  Come Holy Spirit.

In Jesus' name - Amen,


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